You Are Worthy | Adventures With Frederick

My name is Frederick. 

I am a flamingo. 

And these are my adventures. 

34335431_10214273267359295_4286687062909779968_n.jpgToday, I have set off to explore the world around me. A world that is not so bigger than an apartment. I don’t know if I will venture further, that is to be further disclosed. However, I am working on contentment. (That will be my word of the day.) 

When I was in the dollar store, I would gaze upon the windows, with the shining sunlight coming through, and wonder what would I become? Is this it?

But my owner found me and decided that I, out of the community of flamingos, was worthy.

I feel it is in my nature to be vain, and my owner is trying to break me out of my ways. I can prove to her I can be better.

Therefore, I found this tree that I have found worthy.


She tells me this is not quite the same.

“I love you,” she told me. “Do you love this tree?” 

Glancing at the tree, I realize I “loved” the beauty…

“I love the beauty of what it is.” I answered.

“I love the beauty of who you are,” she tells me.

I am puzzled in this world. I lived around people seeing outward appearances and buying based on value.

Now, I am living a new life. But for right now, even though I may not have broken my ways of trying to rule over this household…I must admit…there are so many questions I have.


I must seek further into these lessons of life. 

P.S. My owner is displeased I tried to claim dominance over all. 

(NIV) Jeremiah 1:05, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.”

Do you relate to Frederick?

Are you interested in hearing more from him? 

As Always,Know Your Calling,And Do Not Give Up (1)

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13 thoughts on “You Are Worthy | Adventures With Frederick

      1. Yes! I already do! That’s great 🙂 When I was younger, I would do something similar with my favorite stuffed animal. He and I went on the craziest of adventures, haha

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