Motivating Monday | Find Sunlight On A Cloudy Day

Cloudy days are not always my favorite. Sometimes I really enjoy them, but most of the time the dreary gray weather has me…eh.

Same with rainy days.

I’ve found certain weather to make me want to stay buried under warm blankets, maybe with a book, or a remote, and just tune out of the world for a bit.

There is nothing wrong with having a break, but when we get absolutely nothing done during the day…it certainly isn’t the most accomplishing feeling because…well…nothing was accomplished.

So get up and find that sunlight. Music. Inspirational quotes. Positive pictures. Scripture. Prayer.

Get up and get going.

The sunlight waits ❤

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

6 thoughts on “Motivating Monday | Find Sunlight On A Cloudy Day

  1. Love this 😊 The kids and I had fun in the sun today. We almost didn’t go out but it would have been a shame not to. I need more carpe diem in my life. Sometimes the sun won’t always come your way, so you have to seek it. Great post T.R.!

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