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10 Things I Don’t Understand About Blogging

This is just a short post that might be fun. 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

1. Why like a post if we don’t read them? 

How do we know if we agree with the post?

2. Why follow someone without reading a few posts first?

How do we know if we actually support the blogger? What does that say about us as a (non) reader and blogger?

3. Why are there so many different areas of settings?

It gets confusing.

If we include customizing settings, that’s four. Customize Settings, Comment Settings, Settings, and Account Settings (when you click on your profile pic)

4. Why complain about no one reading the blog, if we aren’t active in the community?

If we aren’t reading other people’s blogs, what gives us the right to complain people aren’t reading ours? We are not entitled.

5. Why isn’t there a magical button to save when we forget to?

And then we lose a portion of our post, and when we click history, or we didn’t save at all. History doesn’t exist, our revisions don’t exist either.

Not like I’m speaking from experience or anything…cough.

 6. Why isn’t there a magical button that knows our scheduled post isn’t ready?

This button would be lovely. It would save us from embarrassment and confused readers.

7. Why follow if the next day or few days, we unfollow?

It looks bad. I don’t care who it is, celebrities included. It’s shallow.

8. Why are some bloggers/writers completely self-focused? 

Writing, whether blogging or otherwise, should always be about the reader, I think. It’s a gift we can help many with. We might have some self-gain or wants, I can completely understand that, but it can’t be all about us.

9. Why not take the time to learn about blog settings and blogging before making a blog public?

I can relate to wanting to start blogging immediately. But it definitely is helpful to take some time and read about different things, like how to customize a blog and get rid of anything on the blog that shows you just started.

This is your first post. – That stuff.

For this reason, I started posts on blogging 101 and helping other learn about settings.

Need Help Check Out | Blog Help For New Bloggers

10. Believing you will be the perfect blogger.

I struggled when I first became a blogger because I didn’t realize the commitment I was making, nor the commitment I needed to give.

It’s okay to not be perfect and to make mistakes (such as some listed.) 

What is important is that we do not give up 🙂

If you struggle understanding blogging, you’re not alone. Don’t give up!

What do you not understand about blogging? 

Can you relate to anything listed?

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM


21 thoughts on “10 Things I Don’t Understand About Blogging

  1. Great list! A few times I will like a post by bloggers I know and if I don’t have time to comment or read it, I’ll like it and then come back later that day and read it! I don’t use the schedule button because of that! I’ve seen that happen so many times with other bloggers! Yes, the people who unfollow right away after you follow them drive me a little nuts! And, yes, I always read a few posts before following them!

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    1. 🙂 that sounds great! I was guilty of not reading a post, just liking it. But I soon didn’t like doing that because I didn’t like it when others did it to me. I think it’s great that you make it a point to come back and read it.

      I use the schedule button but have worked on being accountable to the fact if I can’t get a post done, to make sure I check. It has helped me stay organized better and work on prioritizing my time.

      Thanks for sharing, Lizzy 🙂 love reading your comments!


  2. I completely agree T.R. with a lot of what you said. I like when you said, “It’s okay to not be perfect and to make mistakes (such as some listed.)

    What is important is that we do not give up 🙂”

    That’s what makes us human beings is that we are imperfect, but we can always put our trust in the One who has ALL the answers only if we choose to believe in Him. On another note, I think we sometimes do this as bloggers because we want to be perfect, but not every post is going to get comments or likes or even likes but no comments (if that makes sense.)

    Sometimes just having someone like your post is more of a compliment than a comment because it let’s us know as the author that what was said made some sort of impact on a person’s life.

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    1. I hear you!

      There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve and be the best blogger we can be. 🙂 I know from myself and I’ve see in others sometimes it becomes a burden and not an opportunity grow.

      Agreed, Christ has all the answers.


  3. I agree with 1,3,4,7, and 8. It can be hurtful when you spend so much time doing blogs and no one reads them. As I understand that, I too, sometimes take a few days to backtrack in my busy moments, I also feel that it can be easy to quickly figure out when a blogger has interests of self vs. interests of the blogging community. That is one of the reasons I pulled away because it was consuming a lot of time and made me feel bad about my inability to reciprocate as much as I want to. Blessings! Xoxo

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    1. Yes!! It’s hard for me to constantly go on blogs when I know it’s one sided. There are some blogs I follow because I love the perspective, and the material. Whether or not the person follows me, and I’m aware they follow others and they communicate to the community. But other times, it’s has helped me focus on the people I know reciprocate back and forth to me. To read their material as a priority and then the others.

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  4. I can relate to some of those points you made, but I’ve learned not to bother anymore. Also, the schedule button is my best friend on WP and I can’t stop telling bloggers about it. 😃

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  5. I agree with 1 and but 7 some bloggers add you then later on they unfollow you just like people in instagram. But in my side that just want to write my thoughts and my cooking recipe I do not mind bloggers that wont read much. Because most of my friends abroad just check for my cooking recipe. I like your post and its helpful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I’ve had the follower problem with twitter, and I know a lot have shared Instagram is the same. It’s awesome it doesn’t bother you 🙂 it doesn’t bother me as much now either. I admit it did take some getting used to.

      I’m glad you liked the post. What are some of your favorite dishes to make? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Many dishes to mention . I am Filipina living in Portugal and husband is Italian. Been travelling around the world so I have many dishes fave each country.I just started writing my recipe you can check it though. Well in twitter I am not so active I like most facebook and Instagram.

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