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Motivational Monday | Remain Calm

Worry is one of the worst neighbors to have in the neighborhood known as the mind.

Especially if it happens to live next door.

Or worse…trying to move in with you!

One of my most hated songs of my childhood was, “Don’t worry, be happy.” (Mom found a radio station that played it 24 hours…enough said.) 

A lesson can be taken from this phrase though. Worry robs us of positive feelings. It robs us of focusing on things we can do, instead of things we have no power over.

It robs us of opportunities.

So whatever you going through, remain calm, and do not worry.

Did you have a song you didn’t enjoy as a child and still don’t like? 

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13 thoughts on “Motivational Monday | Remain Calm

  1. Hahaha! I remember disliking that song and I only came to appreciate it when I was feeling down one day. The lines ‘In your life expect some trouble/When you worry you make it double’ resonated with me then. I haven’t heard it in a while, though.

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  2. What Jesus said to Martha, I can sometimes apply to myself: “Martha, Martha, you worry about so much, but Mary has chosen the right thing…”
    – It reminds me to keep the important things in life in perspective, and drop the worry!

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  3. So thankful that I can place everything in Abba’s hands…
    About songs… I mostly disliked songs when I grew into my teenage years and discovered pop/rock songs with lyrics that I felt did not measure up to the standard of Philippians 4:8. And anything that suggested the occult definitely made the “dislike” list. Some songs just make me shudder. Great post, T.R. Love and Hugs!

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