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Terms To Be Familiar With | Blogger 101

When I first started blogging I would use some of these terms incorrectly. Hopefully, this helps. I know I am not going to cover everything, so please if you see something that applies comment below and let me know. 🙂

Blog– Not to be confused with a post(s). If you say you have blogs, then this should mean you have two or more blogs. My two blogs are Peeking Beneath and Inside Cup. Having multiple blog posts does not mean you have multiples blogs. A blog is a site that has multiple entries (posts) written. A blog tends to cover a particular set of topics or categories.

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Post– A post is what bloggers publish on their blog. A post could be a discussion, if you’re like me and forget scheduled posts it may only be a title, posts can be as long or as short as you would like them to be. They can include pictures and hyperlinks as well.

Page- A blog that has a menu will contain pages available to choose from on the menu. A page is similar to a post, but it is not a post, and not to be confused with one.

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Header– A header can be used to change a font, organize ideas better, as a title or more.

Stats– Stats are a shorter way of saying statistics. Your blog will have stats on views, how many visited, what countries your readers are from, and more. It is a good idea to check your stats, especially if you want indicators of what your particular audience enjoys.

Comments– Readers can leave comments under your posts, and you can write comments under posts of other bloggers.

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Category- A category for a blog is a group of posts that share the same characteristics or topics. One category on Peeking Beneath is writing. In my writing category, readers can find posts related to writing.

You don’t need a lot of categories for your blog, especially if you only cover a couple of topics. If you aren’t sure, check out other blogs and see how they list their categories, and what types of posts are under those categories.

Tag- These are words that relate to your post. So, this post on terms, for example, would have tags like blogging, blog, help, terms. Make sure you have a few tags to about 15. You don’t want too many because you don’t want to mislead readers on what your post covers. I wouldn’t tag this post with the word, “poetry,” for example because this post has nothing to do with poetry. Focus on tags closely connected to your post.

Feature Image- This is the image that will appear above your post title. Make sure this image relates to your post.

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Hyperlink- A hyperlink is a link in the post that will link the viewer to a video, another post, or another website when they click on the link.

Miniseries- A miniseries is a set of posts carrying a theme that are limited in number or the series dies off fairly early on. Some bloggers start series that just don’t work out, and they then end them. Instead of being longer like they thought, the series is cut much shorter. A weekly set of posts during November, covering thankfulness would be considered a miniseries, resulting in only 4 posts, for example.

Series- A series is a set of posts carrying a theme that has been ongoing for quite a while. For example, on my main blog, Inside Cup, I am doing an Alphabet Devotional on a weekly basis. This series will result in 26 posts when it is completed. Some series will end, others could be weekly with no end goal in sight. Like my Motivational Mondays on this blog.

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Blogger Award-I didn’t know about this till I started to get to know the community, but yes, the community awards each other blogger awards, which is pretty awesome. The awards usually have the person nominating tell the nominees. The awards sometimes have descriptions of how the award was created, and most have descriptions of what the award means. Awards tend to come with a set of questions for the nominee to answer, and then there is a set of rules for you to follow to do the award properly. Sometimes nominate so many bloggers, give some recognition to the person who nominated you, share that person’s blog link.

It’s a really good way to get to know others, and a great way to spread the word on other bloggers. 🙂

Any terms I should add? 

What is your advice for new bloggers? Please share in the comments below. 🙂 

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2 thoughts on “Terms To Be Familiar With | Blogger 101

  1. Great post, T.R. especially for new and upcoming bloggers and even bloggers that have been doing this for a while. I enjoy that you are helping new bloggers get better acquainted with the community of bloggers and blogger terminology.

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