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Convenient Websites To Bookmark | Feeling Fine Friday

Having information on hand can be really beneficial. I was looking up something which is what inspired this post. I hope you all can find a site that is useful to you. 🙂

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Time And Date

  • This site is awesome. If you are looking for time zones, calendar dates, calculators, a stopwatch, phases of the moon, world weather, local weather and more, this is the site to go to.


Check Out The Site Here

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Cooking Measurement and Conversion Charts 

  • This site is perfect for cooks especially and includes both the US and metric conversions. This site covers:



US Dry Measurements 

US Liquid Volume Measurements

US To Metric Conversion

Metric To US Conversion

Pan Size Equivalents

Oven Temperature Conversion 

Ratios For Selected Foods (butter, lemons, chocolate, and creams)

Measures For Pans And Dishes

Check Out The Site Here 

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Worldwide Metric Calculator-

  • This site covers conversions of pressure, temperature, length, weight, and volume. It includes both US and metric. In the length area, for example, I just need to fill in one part and then click calculate and it will let me know the other conversions. If I choose two inches, then calculate I’ll get the answers for milliliters, meter, kilometer, centimeters, miles, feet, and yards that equal to two inches.

Check Out The Site Here

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List Of Spices & Pairings For Food

  • This website is as titled, a huge list of spices. The really interesting part is you can click on whatever spice you want and learn about where it’s from, the flavor, and more. You also have the option to buy the spice from the website if you want, but I’m sharing it for the information.

Check Out The Site Here

Spice & Meat 

  • This website also has listings of different spices and what kind of meats go well with them. Also includes eggs and cheese.

Check Out The Site Here

  • Food Network has a guide as well for spice mixings and gives a little information about the spice and what dishes work.

Check Out The Site Here

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Essential Oil/Carrier Oil Uses & Benefits 

  • I really enjoy using essential oils in soap and other products. It is important to research oils before you use them. Not all essential oils are skin safe, certain essential oils cannot be used during pregnancy, and I do not believe in digesting oils (juice or teas already flavored I suggest using 🙂 ) . Essential oils have both physical and emotional properties said to benefit others with. This site is really good at explaining what those benefits are.

Check Out The Site Here

Another Essential Oils Benefit Listings

  • This site also lists essential oils, what benefits the oils have, and it lists particular cautions you need to consider, like which essential oils are phototoxic and which shouldn’t be used during pregnancy, as well as ways you can use the oils.

Check Out The Site Here

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Carrier Oil, Butters, Questions 

  • I also found this site that covers information on (26) carrier oils, butters, and common questions about carrier oils, including which carrier oils are gluten-free! You will have to click on the hyperlink to direct you to whatever you want to learn.

Check Out The Site Here

Carrier Oil Shelf Life 

  • This website has a much larger list of carrier oils. Among the information listed for each oil, it includes shelf life as well as uses, and the different skin types it is good for.

Check Out The Site Here |

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Writing Prompts/Exercises 

As a writer, it is really beneficial to have some sites that can help with writing.

This random word generator I’ve used when I wrote my writing prompts on this blog last year.

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  • The generator can create a set number of nouns, verbs, names, words, phrases, numbers, Bible verses, acts of kindness and more.

Check Out The Site Here |

Thesaurus & Dictionary 

  • If you need a website that can easily switch between a thesaurus and a dictionary. This is the site for you. You can easily type in a word and choose between a definition for the word or synonyms.

Check Out The Site Here |

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 9.55.02 PM.pngParts Of A Novel Explained 

  • For those who enjoy writing stories, I’ve found a basic explanation of the different parts of a novel. The website also has multiple hyperlinks to other articles and exercises.

Check Out The Site Here

Story/Character/Writing Templates & Outlines 

  • If you enjoy using templates or outlines for story writing, character information, or other parts of writing check out these templates.

Check Out The Site Here

How To Outline 

  • This website article helps you understand the direction of outlining and how to go about it.

Check Out The Site Here |

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I’ve been working on exercise and become more consistent. What helps me is starting with shorter workouts, like 10 minutes, and gradually doing more than one workout of 10 minutes or then finding a longer workout.

  • The two main channels I get workouts from on YouTube are Fitness Blender and BeFit. On BeFit, I follow Denise Austin’s workouts. I love her positivity, and the retro workout feel makes me laugh. Denise covers stretches, yoga, cardio, a little of everything really. I’ve been incorporating a 30-minute yoga routine from her recently.
  • Stretching is really important. Here are 15 yoga stretches you can do daily.

Check Out The Site Here


I enjoy information on health, and I’ve covered some posts on food.

Related Post | Vitamins To Take During Winter | Feeling Fine Friday 

  • But here is a great website to have if you want information on a number (50) of foods that are good for you. It does take awhile for the website to load with all the advertisements, unfortunately.

Check Out The Site |

Okay, I hope these sites are helpful!! I really enjoyed putting this post together. 🙂

Do you have any websites that are helpful to you? 

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13 thoughts on “Convenient Websites To Bookmark | Feeling Fine Friday

  1. Thanks for sharing these sites! These will be very helpful to me — especially the blogs about cooking. I always forget my measurement conversions lol. I should’ve bought that magnet we seen at Dollar Tree that day we went that had all those conversions on it lol.

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  2. Some important sites. Where it concerns writing, I have one or two already bookmarked, but I don’t visit the sites. I think I might have to start deleting some bookmarked sites from my laptop. Thanks for this post.

    Liked by 1 person

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