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Keeping A Consistent Routine | Feeling Fine Friday

Okay, if you happened to see this post last week, I apologize.

I’m glad you found the irony in my lack of staying consistent. πŸ™‚

Consistent routines or habits can sometimes become a harmful thing when overdone, and it is always important to be aware of why you are doing something, and how it affects your life.

Today’s post is going to cover healthy habits, and understanding what it takes to form a habit/ consistent routine.


From what I read,Β forming a consistent habit can take quite a bit of time.

21 days in fact.Β 

Nearly a month.

Which makes sense.

I want to work on consistent exercise routines and writing times, and if I want these goals to happen I am going to work on some particular things. You, my friend, may have to as well. πŸ™‚



First, and foremost, if we want to form a pattern we need to do our goal daily or every other day, whatever is in our plan.

If I want to work on drinking more water, then I must do this consistently.



One of the main ways we will be able to keep consistency is to endure and push ourselves even when we don’t feel like completing our daily goal.


Start Small

Especially in regards to exercise or bigger projects, don’t overwork yourself with your goals and ambitions. Make sure what you set out to do is doable. When you are more consistent and ready for something bigger, then you can add in whatever it is.


Do Not Compare

Don’t stress yourself out by comparing yourself to others. Do not give yourself an ego when others fail and don’t feel let down when you fail and others haven’t.

Becoming better at something is no reason to make it a competition against others.


Focus On Positives

There are probably going to be days that are not successful. But did you try? Maybe not everything you expected went through, but something was completed. That’s great!

Every little accomplishment helps us get closer to a better healthier/more organized routine.

What suggestions do you have for others to keep a routine?

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6 thoughts on “Keeping A Consistent Routine | Feeling Fine Friday

  1. Thank you! I’m so glad to read the full post! And an important one for me because I tend to try to take on too much… more important that I do a few things consistently than that I do “everything.” I needed this reminder, T.R.! ❀ and hugs!

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