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Feeling Fine Friday | Friendships Don’t Always Last

“Let’s promise to be best friends no matter what happens,” she smiled at me.

I shifted my feet uneasily. “No,” I paused.

A frown formed on her face. ‘Why not?” She demanded as sunlight pierced through the church windows.

“Because I can’t promise something I don’t know,” I answered.

I remember this conversation I had with my ex-best friend when I was 13.


I have written about my toxic friendship with her before, and I have no regrets that our friendship finally ended. On a sad note actually. The day of our high school graduation I saw her fixing her hair in the bathroom. She looked over at me, and ignored me, something I had come to expect by that time.

It is healthy for some friendships to not last. Sometimes, like my case, it’s because the relationship is toxic.

But there is one particular case I think that needs to be said, especially for those in middle school and high school.

Sometimes, we grow up and drift apart.

The people I used to be regular friends within school some have changed, and I am not able to relate to them on things I used to. Other times, they never left the small hometown I lived in, but I did. I have experiences that changed me and helped me grow up. But because of these things I no longer relate to them, and they no longer relate to me.


We are going to grow up, and our friends are going to grow up. Sometimes, what we once shared in common will no longer apply to our current situation.

This may seem like a sad thing, but it really isn’t. These things happen gradually. For those who want to remain, an effort is given on both sides.

Middle school and high school should not be the best days of your life. Don’t believe the constant lie of this. Growing up, maturing, hopefully turning away from things we once easily became angered and annoyed with can only help us.

There are a lot of amazing memories we are to make in our lifetime.

School is only part of that.

Do you have any friendships you don’t have now that you are out of school?

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10 thoughts on “Feeling Fine Friday | Friendships Don’t Always Last

  1. I was homeschooled and am still friends with my 20 year old friend from babyhood. We are not very close though. I’ve lost many of my friends through betrayal over the years. It’s very hard!

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    1. It is hard!! And it can take time to heal from it, which is completely okay. It took me almost 5 years to fully get over the toxic friendship that was 6 years. You don’t get over these things easily, but it shows we have heart. ❤ I'm glad you are still friends with the one though!


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