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Success is often determined by what is seen, or gained. It is often thought of in terms of $$$, popularity, authority, or power. Which honestly, all four are connected. Status symbols.

Which makes it that much harder for many of us to truly see what our successes are compared with our failures. In our eyes, our failures run deep. They determine how much we need to “crawl” out of a hole, to redeem ourselves.

But what happens if we just…looked at failure as a failure. A mistake, something to learn from, to turn away from, and become better. Not used as a measure against us. Rather, a reminder of there’s always a better way.


Success’ definition contains two parts. One relating to power and popularity, shocker. But the first tying to what, I believe, true success is. The accomplishment of an aim or goal.Β 

In one definition, we may feel and fear we will never amount to much. Yet, in the other, “Well, I have goals. I have things I want accomplished…I CAN do this.”

I think when we start determining success is made only through power, popularity, or money that’s when we’ve lost the original reasoning behind our goals.Β Often times people who once looked at helping others as a success, now struggle with the numbers, not the individuals, they don’t see.

Making a difference in this world, may be a lot bigger than what you can imagine or see, and it is those kind of differences we should truly aim for. Ones that help others more than it helps us. Our failures could lead to success. It could encourage others’ success as well.

Don’t be afraid to get up. You may know what’s behind you, but you don’t know what’s up ahead πŸ™‚

“Who has seen the wind?

Neither you nor I.”

Who Has Seen The Wind? – Christiana RossettiΒ 

How do you determine success?

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

11 thoughts on “Motivational Monday | More Than Sight

  1. This post really resonated with me. When you said β€œin our eyes, our failures run deep,” I totally got what you meant. I’ve had that happen again and again in my own life … I struggle to learn from mistakes and instead allow them to define me. I am consistently working toward letting the Lord use those times to teach me instead of letting them continue to hurt me. It’s a process πŸ™‚ ❀ Thank you for inspiring me!

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    1. πŸ™‚ <3!! Some of the hardest battles had the most triumphant warriors. We get back in the fight, we strategize, we hope, and we trust. Thank you for being open. I relate to. There's been times when I don't have any answers, and I so desperately WANT an answer. But God is like, "I have a better way, and right now, you don't need to know everything." And I'm like, "Really, cause, You know, if I could get a little cookie crumb or something of what's going on that'd be great." Lol. I think the experiences you have right now are preparing you for something you probably thought never possible, and that's the awesome power of Christ. Keep running into His arms Maggie. May God give you clarity, and may He overfill your spirit with His assurance πŸ™‚

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      1. Very true! It was my pleasure. It can be very hard to leave everything in His hands at times, but man, the outcome of that is always worth it. Trusting that He knows best (because He always does!) has carried me far. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much, girl ❀

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