Blog Schedule | I “May” Have Figured It Out

Let’s share the same brain waves for a moment. Here is what I am thinking. 🙂

Purpose of this blog.

Share information I find interesting and may not be known.

Help and connect to writers by discussing writing topics/blogging topics

Share stories about my life that may bring a smile to someone’s face or help them feel not alone.

Be positive throughout.


When I started this blog it was more so for friends and family. I lived over 12 hours away from my hometown, and I wanted to share my life with them.

But I also wanted to use this second blog as a platform to discuss writing, rant about problems I see, and hope that my past experiences that have helped me grow could help someone else.

At the beginning of this year, I started doing writing prompts, which had no to little interaction, and I grew tired of them. During the beginning of summer, I thought quotes and poetry lines could be interesting, and while they are the purpose behind the series failed as well.

So, I went back to what I enjoyed in my first blog. Positivity. Motivation.


Then, I thought about what I enjoyed in my own life. What I could do to make others happy. Housewife 101 was inspired because I am a housewife. Tips for finding cheap make up and cheap buys from stores came from the fact I am on a budget. The fact I wanted to lessen my ignorance as an American inspired me to share my journey with others.

The problem was I was scattering the ideas, forgetting what general topics this posts shared in common. So, here is my plan for the week schedule.


Sunday | Learning One Country At A Time

-information about a particular country, more so focused on the differences between selected country and America. 

-Every other week 

First post you can check out here 

Monday | Motivational Monday

-May or may not have quotes or poetry lines 

-Goal is to be inspiring, uplifting, and sometimes thought provoking


Tuesday | Housewife 101 / Fugal Findings

-Housewife 101, topics housewives deal with, but also topics anyone might have an interest in. How To Meal Plan | Housewife 101

– Fugal Findings, ways to save money Cheap Make Up & Skin Care | Fugal Findings

-Not weekly

Wednesday | Writing/Blogging

-Series such as Memory Lane, How To Edit A Blog 

– Also posts that cover other aspects of writing. What it means to be a writer. Terms to be familiar with. Discussion of novel writing. Story creating. Etc. 


Thursday | Open

– Open for inspiration, or posts that do not fit such as awards

– I’ve considered using this day for poetry posts as well 

-Weekly/Not Weekly is related to content 

Friday | Feeling Fine Friday

– New Series will come out tomorrow 🙂 

– Information about oils, foods, vitamins and other categories that are helpful to the mind and body. 


Saturday | Open

-Another day open for posts that may not fit the schedule

-Weekly/Not Weekly is related to content 


To Learn & Connect is the overall goal of this blog ❤ 🙂

Everyone, I may have finally figured out this blog! 

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM


10 thoughts on “Blog Schedule | I “May” Have Figured It Out

  1. Girl, this is awesome!!! Coming up with a weekly blog schedule is so exciting 🙂 ❤ I had one for a while, but I’m not doing those certain types of posts anymore, so I should really make a new schedule! I love how this post is so much like the one I shared yesterday, haha xx So excited about the new series you’ll be sharing today!

    Liked by 1 person

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