What Is Plot? How Do I Keep It Strong In A Story?

Okay, so a lot of writers struggle with a particular word.

This scary word is known as Plot.

A great story needs a great plot.


“Why,” Because Of…

Plot is known as the “why” of a story, and because of a “why” directing a character or situation, there are bound to be consequences because of said, “why”.

I’m going to use the definition of plot from Wikipedia* because I like how it’s said : Plot refers to a sequence of events inside a story which affect other events through cause and effect. 

When someone asks you, “If you could summarize your  book in a sentence, what would it be?”

You’re basically going to give them the plot.

Plot deals with conflict. There needs to be a problem to motivate your characters to the next step. (As the bride looked at her bouquet, flowers began to crisp and curl. She didn’t realize her anxiety could now be felt at her fingertips. What would happen when people started to shake her hand?)

Pick Out Cause And Effect

A good way to begin to study plot is to take a look at a brightly colored children’s book. Almost immediately within a few sentences you will read what the problem is for the main character and because of said problem, these things then take place.

Cause: Problem for character

Effect: What happens because of problem.

Think of your favorite books and ask yourselves, “What was the plot?”

For example, I study the Bible a lot for my blog, Inside Cup. Even in the Bible, we can focus on the main plot.


Problem/Cause– Man fell in sin and disobeyed God.

Effect #1 Because Of Initial Problem- Men had to give sacrifices to be forgiven, and follow rules.

Effect #2 Because men failed in following rules, and obeying, God sought a new alternative. We start seeing prophecies of Christ.

Solution -Because Jesus Christ is born, He begins to prove that He is the Savior spoken of the prophecies, and He fulfills the Law, changing the whole dynamic of a relationship with God and man. Fixing the initial problem.


Good plot will flow through the rising and falling action of a story.

If you are unsure of terms in novel writing see this post Terms To Get Familiar With In Novel Writing

Having a well defined plot will include having well defined characters. These characters get the reader through the plot, start to finish.

It’s important to think of a character’s weakness and strength, as well as backstory.

That being said, we’ll cover characters in another post.

What kind of story have you read that had good plot?

Have you wrote a novel before? 

What do you think makes a well defined plot?

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PMWant to read more of my writing? Check out my main blog, Inside Cup  

-Help With Outlining/Plot/Character

Check out this website: 6 writing Templates

5 thoughts on “What Is Plot? How Do I Keep It Strong In A Story?

  1. You did a great job with this post, girl! xx It has some important points. Haha I struggle to have cause and effect in my stories; because I started writing at such a young age, the books lacked any kind of structure or sense of purpose because it would just be a jumbling of scenes that included my favorite characters. 😂 I’m slowly learning now the right way to give stories structure!

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