Quality Quote | Light Coming Through

Until this point, I’ve used quotes from various people. However, as we still do not have our stuff from the movers, my huge quote book is currently in storage.

Similar to posts I do on Tuesdays, on my other blog Inside Cup, I decided for today I’ll make up my own quote. 🙂

“Let Sunlight Stream Through Your Darkness”

It’s possible when we go through something hard the only emotion we feel is negativity. It fills up our reality, and our perception.

But consider the stars. Even in the vast darkness of the night, there are lights shining through.

Imagine a vase full of water. If it has even one small hole in it, the water will not be contained.

Our darkness is like this.

Our darkest night will not last forever. While we wade through its murky waters, find the light to hold onto.

You’ll make it 🙂 I believe in you.

What kind of quote would you give to inspire others?

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM


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