Streetlights Of Childhood | Poem

Warm glows of orange and yellow

dance their streams of light.

Though empty, not shallow

in the summer night.


Birds have flown to home.

Cicadas hiss their song.

Though I feel alone,

In the warmth, I play along.


The sun begins to fade

A candlelight to day.

Younger memories I hold.

In a world that’s gone away.


Streetlight, you’ve once forsaken

A kingdom I once knew.

But when I look at you now,

I know it all to be true.

~T. R. Noble 


7 thoughts on “Streetlights Of Childhood | Poem

      1. No worries 🙂 Just didn’t want you to wonder about me not liking the post. I think the ones from Inside Cup load quicker for me. All blogs are different. And yes I loved it. I need to get back to writing poetry.

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      2. I think I’ll be adding more poetry to Peeking, as I stopped doing the writing in the beginning of week 20 something. Be on the lookout for tomorrow’s post for Inside Cup, spent some hours working on it. ; ) I go into depth again with prayer. How to pray, what to pray, etc. I would LOVE your thoughts on it. : ) And girl, please write more poetry. Tons of new angles, experiences, and thoughts you can bring.

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      3. I look forward to it! I love reading an writing poetry. Wish I had more time for it..I need time for reflection and quiet..not much of that here haha. I’m finding writing haikus are a happy compromise though.

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