Quality Quote | Honesty Is Best With Feelings

This week’s quote is one I can relate to.

“Words may be false and full of art, sighs are the natural language of the heart.”

Thomas Shadwell, Psyche, 1675

No matter what kind of facade we try to put on, inwardly, our feelings and our thoughts reveal the truth of our state of being. We can try to fool others, and when that slip of our attitude comes out, it may shock them. But not us because we knew what we were hiding.

Don’t hide behind lies. Be honest about what is going on.

If we want to see the ray of light come through the clouds, then we have to get out of a dark room to see it.

Be good to yourself, and encouraging.

Storms don’t last forever, and sometimes, we’ll even have sunshine through the storm.

~T. R. Noble 


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