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How Do I Get My Blog To Stand Out?

I’m working on changing the direction of this particular blog, as we speak. Some posts have gone over well, but a number hasn’t. I know people get so discouraged as a writer, and having a blog can be no different.

Let’s talk about that. (Anyone else watch Good Mythical Morning?) 

What can we do?

First things are first…don’t be a “wannabe”. It’s okay to be inspired by other bloggers, but don’t start blogging to become the same. Don’t paint your work in every color of what everyone else is doing. Just because many bloggers cover particular things, doesn’t mean you have to.

Be yourself.

Following this, know where your heart is.


What Is Your Passion?

What Do You Want To Write About? 

Stand Out, it’s a phrase we all want to do as writers, but in order to do just that, we can’t let our focus be on the big picture.

We have to focus on every small step.

Are We Dedicated To Our Posts? – I’m considering to stop writing my, “Write With Me,” series because I only started it when a friend approached me about doing writing prompts for the year. In the end, I was the one who was consistent, and it doesn’t make me happy to write them anymore.

Be Willing To Change– Some people hate change, and we can be very stubborn. We hate to admit when things don’t work out the way we originally envisioned. But this is not meant to say we are bad writers. No, not at all. When we are willing to look over our work, and why we write, we may very well find the desire and passion we once lost. Many are “good” writers, but we all can become “better” writers.


Become Focused – Have at least three to five MAIN topics/themes/genre for your blog. You can always have an occasional one, but be persistent. If you’re constantly all over the place, you won’t have a particular audience. The blog may come off as confusing. This is something I have to work on, and consider for this blog. As of right now, for example, I want to cover.

  • Main Theme- Writing 

-(subtopics) including blogging, novel writing, and possible prompts

  • Main Theme- Personal

– (subtopics) including life updates, past memories, letters to self, and life lessons

  • Main Theme- Inspirational/Motivational 

I would like all posts to share a theme of positivity and be thought-provoking as well.


Be Yourself – Even though it may be tempting to do what others are doing, don’t cave into the pressure. I believe every writer has a story to tell. Use your voice, and don’t give up. If you enjoy a post that has been done multiple times and WANT to do it, go for it. If you can add anything extra to the writing melting pot, do so! Make sure your VOICE is heard.

Lastly, BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY– If no one knows you’re out there, they won’t check out your blog. Sure, they can use search, and may find a post of yours, which is awesome! But a lot of times, you need to represent your work, which happens a lot for writers. Get your feet wet!

Look for other bloggers that share your interests. Support them. Leave comments, read other comments. Make your name known.

The blogging community is a great place to gain confidence especially if you’re an introvert and shy. Don’t sell yourself short, and don’t give up!

You can do this!!


What tips do you have for bloggers?

T. R. Noble

Main Blog: Inside Cup

Social- Twitter: T. R. Noble   Facebook Page: T. R. Noble   Pinterest: TRNoble77



14 thoughts on “How Do I Get My Blog To Stand Out?

  1. Alright please how do you get your team to help you edit a story you have written I mean someone who has accepted to contribute to your blog as an editor.
    Do you send the article straightaway to the person.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok, if you have sent an invite and they accepted, you will see them as part of your team, meaning on the side they will have your blog as one of their blogs they have access to. You don’t have to send them anything. They have to click on blog posts, drafts, published or scheduled to see the posts just like you would. Hope this helps


      1. If you look at the job descriptions they tell you what the person has access to 🙂 but I believe author does not, they can post their own posts on your blog, but they cant see your posts I don’t think. Administer they have all rights like you do, you are the administer of your blog.


    1. Yes, I think there are many of us who have a blog that struggles, and it can be hard. But I think if we’re open to discussion, and looking over what are our goals are, and main purpose of writing, we will improve, and maybe find some blogs and writer friends along the way : )


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