Blogging Friends “Ditching” Me | Blog Question

You know, I tend to take things WAY too seriously sometimes while being sensitive more than I should. I’m working on it. And this inspired me to talk about a fear I had when I started to meet some amazing bloggers from the community.

Friendships I deeply care for. Joining this writing community has opened me up to many opportunities to meet people. But one particular thing I’ve noticed is the wave of bloggers I’ve met and connected with, and then a certain drift happens.

Did I do something?

Are people too shy to tell me?

What happened? 

This is what I can tell you for those of you feeling the same or wondering about it.


Secret Worrying Thoughts

I know that drama can happen anywhere, including the blogging community. BUT, I really don’t think people are ditching you the way you may think.

They’ve stopped talking to me. – Do you mean comments or responses to your comments only? How often do you read and comment on their blogs? And if you did stop talking outside of the blogging community, well, sometimes that happens. It doesn’t have to mean someone is being cruel. Online friendships are different than ones face to face. Interactions may not happen as daily as you would like, but that’s okay. It doesn’t have to!!

They don’t like my posts anymore.- Sometimes people like our stuff because they agree with and/or to get their name out there as well. This isn’t wrong. This is a community, and this is bound to happen. Put yourself in this situation, have you liked and read every post of the bloggers you use to comment on or follow?

And the more followers you have, the more bloggers you follow…it adds up. BIG TIME.

One of the main things I’ve discovered happened when I started to look for other bloggers. There are a lot more blogs that I follow now. This has opened up my eyes, relieving some previous fears I used to have.

Some people post multiple posts in a day or a week. It is draining to consistently, every single day, keep up with posts, like it could take an hour or more. And if I’m behind from not checking even for two days, oh man…look out!


Not Personal Most Of The Time 

Honestly, for the most part, people not responding is not personal. People get busy in life, and if we aren’t talking to them, or being open in discussion to them, how are they going to know we are invested into a friendship?

If you find a blogger you really enjoy, and want to be friends with them, comment or contact them by a way they provide. Remember, people are humans, and they have lives as well. It’s summer for many of us, and vacations and plans are filling up schedules, outside of blogging.

And if you ever feel like someone is pushing your boundaries or making you uncomfortable, be honest. Sometimes people truly don’t know. And if people are told and don’t change, shake off the dust and move on. Don’t stay in a toxic friendship. (Hmm, that seems like a good post topic) 

Don’t let impatience hinder true friendship.

Don’t become bitter if something doesn’t work out the way you want.

Grow. Make friends. Push yourself a little, and get out there!

For those of you I’ve met, I’m so grateful for our blogship becoming a friendship.

Take care, everyone!

~T. R. Noble 

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