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Write With Me | Overgrown & Hidden

Happy Week 26 

This past week has been busy, but we are finally moving forward.


Overgrown & Hidden (Inspired by Featured Image)

Abandoned and isolated. Dim light peaked through the bare branches.

No one had visited the place in years. Those who stopped visiting forgot. Those who never knew carried no guilt.

Its story stopped midway. No more pages to turn, yellowed with no owner. No cause to care. But life continued on.

A drizzly Monday rolled by, and an elderly man’s umbrella flew away from his hand. Caught in the branches of a willow, he reached out steadily with a smile. He knew the umbrella was too high in the tree to receive, and yet, he held onto hope.

Mr. Willow felt this man was different from the gloom ones who had passed his branches. A gentle wind tickled against his leaves, and it was the perfect opportunity to “shake” off the umbrella.

The old man smiled at the tree, and nodded. Shifting his eyes, he noticed dead underbrush beneath the willow. “Well, you can’t have that my friend.”

Day after day, the old man visited the tree, and the faded garden. Piece by piece, he gave his best care to his friend.

Sunlight poured throughout the city. Anyone who passed the willow tree stopped to take a look causing the person behind to also stop. But there were no harsh words.

Just simple bliss.


Flowers bloomed. Butterflies gently bathed in the fragrance. Birds made homes along the branches.

Beneath the willow, the old man had placed a wooden bench.

“I never knew what beauty this place held,” people whispered in amazement.

“How did you know,” they would ask the old man.

“Because,” he grinned, “I see the world for what it could be, not for what it is.”

~T. R. Noble

What inspires you?

What does the image make you think of ? 

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