Cars 3 Review | I’m An Adult And I Loved It

No spoilers, no worries. I will be vague.

Let’s start this off by saying, I am NOT a Cars fan. I am a Toy Story fan, but I never got into cars. But when I saw the trailer for Cars 3 I became very curious about the story. I think children’s films sometimes have better messages than adult films.

The trailer basically shows the main character lose to a newer, younger car. This pushes him to want to get better.

I enjoy stories in which a character is placed in a situation to the point what they once did, doesn’t work anymore. What do you do? How do you deal with the circumstance?

As with Pixar, there is a short right before the movie starts. It deals with bullying, and it’s really beautiful. ❤

The Movie 

The main character in the movie learns a valuable lesson that life isn’t over when things change in your life.


Someone’s perspective is NOT always going to be yours, and that’s a powerful message especially when we feel like we’ve failed, or we’ve seen someone else fail.

People are always looking up to us.

Above all else, there’s always been another opportunity available if we seek it out.

We need to be able to push others forward, and not always be self-focused.

Cause if we’re always focused on ourselves, we’re going to miss everything else going around it.

It’s a good family movie. When we saw it, there were tons of kids in the theater, and they seemed to really enjoy it. One little girl, in particular, towards the end of the movie was getting particularly attached to the storyline. She was encouraging one of the characters in the movie.

And if you look into it, there are some definite symbolism for dads, which is how I can see why the movie would come out around Father’s Day.

I may not be a Cars fan in particular, but like I said, really loved this movie 🙂 ❤

Did you see Cars 3? 

What are some of your favorite Pixar films? 

~T. R. Noble

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