Lessons My Dad Taught Me | Happy Father’s Day

Fathers are our teachers.

Guiding us in the footsteps we should go.

There are numerous lessons Dad gave me and continues to teach me, but I wanted to share some of them with you today.


Life Gives You Stories So Make The Most Of It 

My dad is a quiet man, but when he talks, there is usually some story or memory tied in the conversation. He taught me to observe the people and world around me.

Joke about life and find humor in whatever you can.

Find a best friend who will go on adventures with you, and makes you laugh.

That’s where you get the best stories.



Sometimes All You Need Is A Sandwich Or A Pop 

In Ohio, Coke/Pepsi/Soda whatever carbonated beverage, it is called pop. Dad would stop somewhere and ask, “Do you want a pop?”

A shredded chicken sandwich and a cherry coke was time spent together. This is a memory I have with my dad, I think perhaps even before my brother was born.

When I gave paperwork to accept my first job, Dad drove me and we each got a Klondike bar. My first day of work, Dad picked me up in his car, and we stopped at the gas station. He let me pick out a drink, I got a strawberry Snapple.

Both times, I knew he was proud of me, even if he didn’t say it.



Simplicity Is Best

My dad knew a quieter time, when people weren’t so busy, and he taught me that same mindset.

Visit family.

Have a fire during the summer and autumn nights.

Be proud of hard work, even if others take your work for granted.



Take The Back Roads

I’ve wrote about this in my memory post, Memory Lane | Driving With Dad but Dad taught me to take the scenic route.

Explore, you never know what you may see. One time, we took the back roads coming home, and there was a peacock in the middle of the road! Yes, a peacock! I’ve never seen anything like that since.

Make an adventure of the smallest things.

Especially if you are going to get a pop.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

~T. R. Noble

(Images From Pexels)


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