Hurt The Ones Who Don’t Hurt You | Wake Up Call

Anyone stop by and see the title, but nothing else?

I KNEW there was something I was forgetting, and it was this post.

Le sigh.

But hey, that’s what life is about. Making mistakes, and picking ourselves up from them. Learning throng the experience.

Which is something we all have to get better of.


How many of us take out our frustrations on others?

How many of us have found ourselves angry at someone, but truthfully, we were angry at ourselves or someone else?

So every mouth protruding from our mouth, every accusation, isn’t really directed at them.

But the individual doesn’t know that. He doesn’t know you were mad at yourself. She doesn’t know you feel insecure about others treat you. All they know is they did something wrong, and are left clueless on how to fix it.

Because the problem isn’t with them.

The problem is on us, when we can’t communicate what we really feel.

When we can’t deal with our issues.

But all we are left with is more anger, frustration, guilt and perhaps some regrets.


Remember, take a breath, step away, and above all else…

Don’t give up.

Hold on to what is good, and let go of what is bad.

Don’t let your pain torment others, and  try not to let it torment you.

May we hold ourselves accountable, and make a difference.

The ball is in your court.

~T. R. Noble

(Images Used From Pexels)




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