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Write With Me | Beach Scene

Happy Week 24!

This past week, and the next few weeks will be busy for me. I’m preparing to move, so if I am silently behind, I apologize.

This week’s piece I will draw from the small experience I’ve had while in Florida.


Beach Scene

Sunlight glistened against the sparkling sea. Ripples softly formed near the surface. Small islands of vendors floated along the near shore.

Boats gleamed against the bright daylight. Children laughed while they splashed through water. She watched them with eagerness, holding her shovel and pail.

Giggling, she waddled toward the ocean’s edge. She screamed with delight as her toes met the cool sea. Immediately returning to her safe towel.

Again and again, she would venture forward only to run back in glee. Never once knowing the fear of the ocean. Ignorant bliss at best.

Warmth of the summer draped the air heavily smelling of coconut and lemon. Sunset drew its patterns in the evening sky. Clouds began their dance around the stars.

A twinkling goodbye met her before she closed her eyes.

~T. R. Noble

(Images From Pexels)


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