Stop Letting Anger Control You

People use anger as a crutch.

And I know a number of people when angry want to use violence. That doesn’t mean they do, but the fact that anger leads to them thinking about violence as a solution is a problem.

Someone says something hurtful to you, you want to beat them up.

Someone does something you don’t approve of, you want to beat them up.

You want to shake them. You want them to feel your pain. You think that will make you satisfied.


I’ll tell you what it makes you.


Empty, because you are avoiding the actual problem.

Empty, because you can’t seem to deal with the truth, and the reality of the person who made you mad in the first place.

Show them anger because you think it makes you look strong. But the truth is you’re insecure, and don’t know how to deal with your problems, and thoughts.

Some choose anger instead of letting go of the situation or person who constantly makes them hurt and angry. They feel pain is better than letting go. And I can promise you that will never be the truth.


No matter how willing you choose to be blind.

Just because you wear sunglasses in the daylight, does not mean you can’t see the truth right before your own eyes.

~T. R. Noble

(All Images From Pexels)



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