Provoking Poetry | Blind Madness

“For they killed him in his kindness,

In their madness and their blindness”

The Martyr, Herman Melville. 


The history of this poem is interesting, focusing on April 15th, 1865. This was the date Lincoln was assassinated.

But these lines alone really stand out to me, and I want to focus on their meaning to me.

Kind people get a bad rep. They get taken advantage of. Thought to be weak. But reality shows a different truth.

Self is blinding. When we become focused on our battles and pain, we can’t see anything else. We struggle to understand those around us, those who appear carefree. Those who have been healed and forgiven.

And so we belittle them. We downgrade them in our eyes to the point we can crush them with our feet. We believe the illusion we have power through this. That no one can affect us or hurt us.


We believe the lie our insecurities are locked up tight in our heart, with the key thrown away. But that’s where our madness starts.

For the very insecurities, we tried to hide are shown on the outside. Screaming the loudest. Speckled throughout our harsh words. Hidden tear stains on our face.

 We have become the hypocrite.

And those showing kindness…the hero.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

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