Write With Me | Week 3

Happy Week  Three Of Writing!

Join in on the creativity and expand your imagination 🙂

You can do it!



Words: Draw, Shoes, Creepy, Disgust

Creepy crawly jagged lines crossed the crisp page. Crayon bent forward. This would be the perfect piece. He drew with perfection, sticking his tongue out for extra support. It would be a masterpiece. He prided himself, till he looked once more. What was meant to be a breakfast galore looked like shoes. Disgusted, he ripped up the paper. Try again; he thought, slipping another piece of paper out of its folder and refusing to glance at the cascaded floor of failure.



Words: Scrawny, Fruit, Help, Mouse

There should be a cheese tree! Yes, a fruit cheese tree! Shared among the scrawny community of mice. Helping all who come near. Forgetting, perhaps, the coincidence of a hot day.



Words: Approach, Rope, Straight, Skinny

Approach the skinny straight rope and then hold on.




Words: Glasses, Abrasive, Bridge, Recreate

Thoughts drift off to sleep. Recreating images from the past built upon hope, till the bridge between worlds of good and evil splits in two. Glasses shattered against the abrasive pavement. Dreamer remains still and helpless.



Words: Press, Fish, Fluffy, Attack

Puffy fluffy fishy pressed against its cage of the claw and waited for its next attack of escape.



Words: Hell, Rigid, Approach, Castle

Golden light beamed above the rigid sinking hole. Approaching the castle supernatural would deem itself impossible. No calming waters for the condemned. There’s no escape from Hell. Instead of taking the escape, they chose the EXIT sign.



Words: Recreate, Summer, Rotten, Assist

Some breaks aren’t as memorable as others. In fact, they can turn out quite rotten. Oh if only we could recreate our summers. Assist and aid the pain. Healing among past memories.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

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