Write With Me | Week 1

Happy Week One Of Writing!

For this new year I decided to get back to my writing prompts. If you enjoy writing prompts, please leave your version in the comments.


Sunday, January 1st 

Words: Heaven, Burial, Accept, Battle

Beating hearts sounding as one amidst the cries. Burial of a cherished love one brought reminisces. Tears of joy and tears of pain mingled together down the cheeks of many. While in Heaven choruses of rejoicing rang throughout, hoping on Earth those would come to accept and cope. But one stood against the mass of people. With clenched hands, he prepared for battle.



Monday, January 2nd 

Words: Study, Glasses, Mad, Wax

Fevered wax dripped down the candle’s spine. Rustling of book pages tickled the fingers of the sleepy man. Moaning from his disturbed rest, he slowly motioned his hands through the dim light. Upon reaching the cold rim of his glasses, he paused. Wasn’t it noon? Looking toward the once forever-locked window. He gazed in horror as a breeze drifted in. “I’ve gone completely mad,” he said.



Tuesday, January 3rd 

Words: Thundering, Cheat, Ghost, Tempt

Tempted with reality. Cheated with time. An empty soul stares out into the vast countryside. No lights lit in the attic for the poor soul, minus the flashes of lightning. Catastrophic thunder echoes its way against the chilled air. The ghost knows no other home.


Wednesday, January 4th

Words: Ice cream, Popcorn, Watch, Terrify

Puddles of melted ice cream dripped down the sides of the bowl. Huddles under a blanket, her hand shook reaching out for more popcorn. The screen she watched continued to further the story. Each second that grew she became more terrified.


Thursday, January 5th

Words: Inspire, Elegant, Watch, Screeching

Pointed toes and perfect balance. She inspired many. Dainty steps held complete focus. Her elegance was beyond compare. Fascination drew upon her, they viewed her every move. Yet no one who watched heard the screeching screams inside her heart.


Friday, January 6th

Words: Shoes, Inflame, School, Manipulate

Shoes shuffled against the frozen snow covered path. A little boy trudged forward towards the school’s doors, clenched fists at his sides. Ice wind blew against his rosy face. While within his heart passion inflamed. Today he would not be manipulated by math.


Saturday, January 7th 

Words: Astound, Petite, Tower, Feed

Petite thin wings beat against the hushed air. A little girl peered through the screen door. Feeding time astounded her. Bird feeders towered above her head. Chirps echoed throughout the trees and met her ears with delight.




Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

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